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Pufin Adventure !

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Pufin is the mobile app that you install when you want an experience wherever you are: at the mountains in a teambuilding or on the couch. In an organization with so many employees it is hard to get to know everyone and feel that you have a connection with someone other than your colleagues from the left and the right ...

By participating in a distance teambuilding with Pufin you will get the chance to discover what your employees or colleagues are capable of in terms of creativity, strategy and entertainment!
All the scenarios are customized according to the needs of each group, and the most important thing is that it doesn't require any technical knowledge or training.

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Pinguin Cum?

  Each scenario has a number of missions set by the creator, missions that use all digital resources: photos, videos, audio recordings and texts. Missions can have a time limit, and each participant votes for their colleagues.

  With each mission, the users can learn more about each other,about their passions, about their hidden talents, projects they are proud about,how their oasis of peace at home looks like or how they pride themselves to their friends about their job.

  The interactive game eliminates social embarrassment and shyness, so that the team can get to know each other without filters.


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The fun is always here with Pufin. The missions are sure to be a laugh a minute. An united team is a happy team!


What can be better than forming a friendship? All for one and one for all! This will be the motto of your Pufin team.

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The fun is always here with Pufin. The missions are sure to be a laugh a minute. An united team is a happy team!

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A new experience doesn't hurt, and your team will never forget the day spent with Pufin. New experiences contribute to developing creativity!

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