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Pufin FAQ

1. How many people can optimally use the application?

The number or people can be unlimited.

2. Can I generate action reports after the event?

Both qualitative and quantitative reports can be generated: how many people were active in the application, how many people answered all the questions, etc. Qualitative reports can also be sent analyzing the teams in terms of mission solving, how quickly the missions have been solved compared to other teams, or what is the quality level of the materials inserted by your team.

3. Do all participants have to install the app on their phone?

For distance teambuildings YES.

4. Where is this app more appropriate? Indoor or outdoor?

The tasks can be transmitted and managed in both environments. It is equally suitable to use both indoor and outdoor.

5. What are the costs?

The costs depend on several factors. What external resources are required, number of trainers, scenario preparation. Successful events can be managed with scenarios that do not involve assistive elements and everything is managed by a single trainer or there are scenarios where each set requires a specialized set-up and trainer. As an example, for distance teambuilding the cost starts from 16 euros / participant.

6. How long does it last?

Missions can be solved in 3 minutes or other suggested missions can take several hours; on average, for 5-6 missions, a number of 5-6 hours is ideal. The reward part and debrief is separate and can last from 10 minutes to several hours.